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curly updo

Here's the scoop.

I'm trying to raise money to move to Colorado Springs Co. It's the most ideal of my options.

Much larger town.
Not close to my home town (not ready to go back yet)
The Lindgrens are great.
More jobs with higher pay.
Lots of colleges.
Plently of pet friendly rentals.
Living on my own, no roomies, just me and my bad ass pup.
Close enough to Matt to visit when the time calls for it.
Closer to visit Texas...and Arizona...and Tennessee...and most other places.
Will probably blog more being on my own with my own thoughts and actually having to deal with them ack! ;)
Four Seasons...as in snow in the winter and swimming in the summer

Still not near to Bryon, although near-er
State taxes that don't seem to go any friggin where
Living all....by.....my....self
Colleges are hella expensive
Getting new plates/dl/ etc
Apartment living with a puppy aka no back yard or doggie door
I get more seasonal allergies there but still lesser so than Texas

All in all, it seems like the best choice. So that's my goal. I am lucky enough to have a back up plan with a great friend and an aunt in Tx. I'm just trying for the place with the most pros in my mind. Any suggestions?


Not much help but...

I have always wanted to see Colorado. I guess I have this fantasy of what it is like. So I guess I don't actually have any useful suggestions but living in Colorado sounds like fun! It sounds all exciting to pack up your pup and head off to a new place. :) Sorry, not to helpful I know.

Re: Not much help but...

It's fine dear. I'm just glad to hear from you. Please come visit anytime. I would love to meet the lil uns.