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curly updo

I also love tv.

Seth McFarland has set up a screening of family guy to people who haven't seen it and filmed them talking shit about the show to him, not letting them know he is the creator. Then he put it on as an intro segment to the show's 100th episode. He's made them look like fools. I really hope this is fake or that they are well paid to look like asses to the family guy fans.


unrelated thing

hey, ask Matt (or maybe you know yourself) if the X-Box 360 is backwards compatible.. i'm thinking of buyin gone.


i've got a new phone number, which is


i need your phone number ans Matts as well.

thankee kindly.

Re: unrelated thing

it is only backwards compatible with the harddrive. So spend the extra cash for that.

(307)922-1936 is mine
(307)389-5246 is Matt's

Re: unrelated thing

it is currently only backwards compatible with certain games and you need access to the internet to download the particular "fixes/emulators" for each game.