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curly updo

My Love Affair with Brown Soda

There have been a lot of changes in my life recently. Mostly bad changes but I'm trying to focus on the distant future when all of the bad will be out of the way. In the mean time, I've been, at best, sporadic about the daily tasks that make me feel better. For example, I've been drinking sodas again. It's not really a big deal if you look at it from a perspective of longevity. As in, I've had them my whole life and I took a break from them and sometime in the future I'll take a longer, hopefully permanent break from them.
I remember standing in my mother's kitchen in Albuquerque, watching her drop the little plastic liner into my Playtex bottle and fill it with Pepsi. It's always been there and it's my comfort food. Some people "need" their coffee, I "need" my brown soda. If it were the occasional pick-me-up, I would probably be OK, but I've always over-consumed my sodas. I would get in trouble for drinking a case a day or worse before I realized the negative impact it has had on my health.
I was in my twenties before I would drink a glass of water. I'm glad to say I enjoy water now, but I'm pretty picky. I want clean tasting water. I'll drink tap water but I will put a flavor packet into it. I still won't drink a glass of milk and only this year have I learned to like sweet tea. It's not a lot better than soda, especially not the oh-so-good extra sweet tea, but it's a monumental step in the right direction for me.
So, here I sit, coke flavored Slurpee in hand, and a little calmer than I would be without it.